For Individuals
The first step toward a successful job search is having a professionally created career package that will give you the much needed edge over fellow applicants. Our career packages are guaranteed to attract the attention of employers and place you at the top of the interview pile. From top-notch resumes, to high-level interview training, we offer everything you will need to land your next dream job.


For Businesses
Securing high-quality talent is never easy. TAYLORmade works closely with employers to find them the perfect candidate. We alleviate the burden of searching through thousands of resumes and interviewing tons of candidates who were never a good fit to begin with. Through customized searching, vetting, and selection processes, TAYLORmade is able to quickly turn a vacancy into a filled position.


For Organizations
As experts in career development for jobseekers and recruiting for employers, TAYLORmade offers interactive and informative workshops and lectures for community, non-profit, and private organizations.

For Job Seekers

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Here at TAYLORmade we are dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the latest career advice, job opportunities and news in the career development field. Check here for links to articles we love, notes of advice we have written, or your next job opportunity! Want to submit an op-ed or job opportunity? Please email us.


I started my journey with TAYLORmade approximately 8 years ago. I have worked in the correctional field for 17 years and I was ready to utilize my knowledge in this field at another level. I knew that it was time for me to invest in myself and my career in order to reach the goal I’d set for myself. What happened next is AMAZING. These ladies took the information I submitted and produced a portfolio for me that immediately propelled my presentation to a level of excellence. I felt empowered and a new sense of confidence. Since my first investment, I have advanced from Caseworker to Warden with a promotion every two years, once skipping a level in management. I have received compliments on my resumes and cover letters and have referred others who can testify to the same type results. Finally my favorite thing is their ability to do the research and coaching over the phone to prepare you for your interview. They cover everything from correct verbiage to what you should wear. I can’t tell you how I felt when I was asked a question almost verbatim to my coaching session with them!! I was like “WOW!” Thank you for your commitment to what you do, because of you, I am now a Warden!

N. Staley, Warden, Columbia, SC