About TAYLORmade

TAYLORmade is a “sister-preneurship.” Co-owners, Aisha Taylor Issah and Ayana Taylor Green have been writing resumes and providing career consulting services for over 12 years. What began as a hobby to help family and friends, has been birthed into TAYLORmade – a global internet-based, full-service career consulting company committed to “equipping, preparing, and empowering today’s professional.”

In addition to our highly-regarded skills as professional career consultants, TAYLORmade has now made it’s mark in the world of recruiting.  We have expanded our client-base to include business and non-profits who seek professional expertise in finding high-quality talent.

We aren’t your average career consulting company.  We don’t run your resume through a template and push out a cookie-cutter format.  We don’t take your job description and find you any average candidate.  We take pride in working closely with every client and every business to ensure that our services are TAYLORmade (pun intended) to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Our success has opened doors that we never imagined possible.  Our expertise has been published in major print and online media, we’ve been featured on radio and web programming, and we’ve been invited to speak at national conferences and seminars.  We don’t share our story to brag.  Instead, we want to inspire others to always follow their dreams, just like we did over twelve years ago.

We are always mindful that the gifts that God has given us are to be used to help others.  This is what TAYLORmade does.  This is what TAYLORmade will always do.


We would highly recommend TaylorMade for the staffing needs of any small to large nonprofits. They not only source superior candidates, but after honing and developing job descriptions with TaylorMade, we were able to develop clearer goals and objectives for the new hire. TAYLORmade has a comprehensive approach where the needs of the job seeker and potential employer are uniquely met.

Arva Rice, President & CEO, New York Urban League